197126_5362227421_501482421_130063_548_nShort Version:
In no particular order: Jesus follower, husband, innovator, facilitator, spiritual guide, theologian, writer, community worker, dreamer, prankster, rebel, catalyst, organiser, social architect.

Long Version:
Much of society looks down on those who do not fit the mold of what it means to be mainstream culture. During my teenage years I veered away from the mainstream, getting into punk rock and hardcore music. This resulted in me finding the doors of the church slammed in my face as I didn’t fit in with the status-quo. I found myself depressed, rejected, and barely hanging on to life. But one day I had a profound realisation that God made me who I am and loves me and that there is nothing wrong with me. As a result, God has given me a vision to embrace the subcultures, the forgotten, and those who have given up on the church. As a rebel at heart, I tend to challenge the idea of what it means to be the church and how church relates to culture. Coming from the margins of society, I bring a unique perspective to the church and raise awareness of the world we live in. Known as someone who keeps it real, I enjoy speaking and writing to inspire, bring hope, and help people connect with God. In my free time, I enjoy music, the arts, travelling, films, hanging out with friends, and being part of the local scene.